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Hello, and welcome to the Talented Duo homepage!

2004/03/10 Ok, it's been, like, YEARS since the TD was updated with new comics (when I say new, I mean ones that are years old but not on the webpage yet). I hope to figure out a new format for viewing the comics, since 1. my handwriting is hard to read and 2. the scanning quality isn;t so good. I'll figure something out!

I know what you're wondering.. "What the HELL is the 'Talented Duo?" Well, in short, it's a "manga" created by yours truely, starring me and Melissa, a former good friend of mine. The two protagonists have one mission: To have to biggest breasts in the world (please don't ask why..). So to accomplish that very goal, they go around stealing other women's "talents" and adding them to their own. A very original concept, really ^_-.

I am the creator, illustrator, and the person who comes up with the scripts. The storylines are mostly based on inside jokes. But anyone who watches anime (or is somewhat perverted in other cases) will most likely understand the Talented Duo.

It's a pretty darn funny [and pretty stupid ^_-] strip dating all the way back to the end of my sophomore year in high school. I'm a senior in _college_, so it seems likes ages ago.^_^

Please read the FAQ to get the full story behind the infamous Talented Duo. Oh, by the way, I'm actually a pretty decent artist, so don't think that all I can draw is stick figures. Don't believe me? Go to one of my other pages, the Anime/Gold Digger fanart page,and see for yourself! (although all drawings in there are several years old). Plus, recently I tried to get into that page to update with rilly current drawings, but I apparently forgot my password and I can't get in at all to update. Oops. The link is under my contact info if ya still wanna see OLD OLD art.

And thanks for visting the TD Homepage!

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