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Welcome to the About the Creators page! Here you will find information about who is behind the infamous Talented Duo....

To Alissa, illustrator and co-creator

To the creative genius

To Melissa, co-creator and the reason TD was created

To the Blond Bimbo

To Melanie, illustrator and creator of the OAVs

To my cute nose and co-Quakerman killer

Other important people/characters in the TD and/or ACND storylines:

To The Quakerman, The Most Evil Man Alive

To The Quakerman... I weel get yoor noses!

To Jon and Brian, Kings of Mountain Dew and Video Games

To Jon and Brian, Who Really Aren't Gay...

To Charlie and Amy, My Most Humble Servants

To Charlie and Amy, Two of the Sweetest People I Know!