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Hey, so I see you made it to the FAQ! Wonderful! It helps to know some things about the Talented Duo so you will understand what is going on! In this FAQ, I hope to answer all your burning questions about the infamous TD!

How did the Talented Duo start?

It all started back when Melissa had bought a new 2-piece bathing suit. She had brought it to my house because she was sleeping over, and we wanted to go into my pool and hottub. So when she put on her bathing suit and showed me, the first thing I said, looking at her chest and pointing, was something like, "Woah, where did you get those? Did you steal them from the lady behind the checkout counter?" (obviously, she isn't as well-endowded as me ^_-). Thus was born the idea for the Talented Duo.

Click on Makoto to find out the basis behind the Talented Duo and how they got their name!

Mako's Talent!

Who are the stars of the Talented Duo?

Why, to put in frankly, me and my best friend Melissa. Who else?

Makoto & Minako, Akane & Xian Pu, can't you decide on a name and stick with it?

My my, a bit snarky today, aren't we? *ahem* Anyways, Makoto is my Sailormoon alias and Minako is Missa's Sailormoon alias. Back in 10th grade, we used these. A _lot_. Hell, we even had crazy alterations on them, for example, I was first Mako-chan (normal enought right?), but then I became Makoto-sama. I think it fits me well. And, well, Minako somehow became Minako-kun (referring to the male -kun). Don't ask ^_^. We were near obsessed with Sailormoon, before we were too familiar with other anime. That was season 1.

Season 2 we are known as Akane and Xian Pu, our Ranma 1/2 aliases (and one of my very favorite anime). Before it was Akane and Xian Pu, it was Akane and Shampoo. But we took alterations on Missa's spelling of her alias. We now use the Chinese spelling ^_^

Are you _insane_? Where do you come up with these ideas?

Well, maybe we _are_ insane ^_-. Most of the storyline in Talented Duo (especially in NEXT) is inspiried by anime in one way or another. The other story lines, like the Playboy mansion and Nudist Beach, comes from the top of Alissa's sick, twisted, [and slightly perverted] mind (with a bit of help from Missa). But if it weren't for the help of Missa's equally perverted and corrupted mind, I would have never been able to pull off the TD (at least not as well as it is now).

What is CL LT?

Heh...um, ok, here's the story. Prepare to laugh at us. I was out Back-To-School shopping with Missa, her mom and her sister, OAV creator Melanie. We were in The Limited looking around for clothes. Well, Missa found some clothes and went to the dressing room to go try them on. I was waiting outside the room for her, surveying the store. Well, about 5 feet in front of me was a stand with tights, pantyhose, socks and the like. Well, the tights had number-letter labels on the, to tell style from style. Big letters. Well, I wear glasses, but mostly for reading and taking notes in school. But I still don't have 20/20 vision. So I was looking at the labels, and one of the style numbers said CL LT. I just took a quick glance at it, not really looking at it. Do you know what word CL LT looks like when looked at quickly and from 5 feet away? Use your [perverted] imanginations.... ^_-

Ok, that being said, what is "CL LT's Near-Death Experience Hotline"?

Hehe...you're going to laugh at me...again. But since you asked, I'll tell. You already know what CL LT is, so no need to expalin that. So I guess I'll tell you what near death experience means, then the hot line.

Well, it starts like this *takes a deep breath*. I was driving my [mom's] car down my street with Missa and Melanie. We were listening to Japanese music as usually. My street is usually empty, so for fun I drive on the other side of the street, like you do in Japan. It was just for fun, and we were rounding a corner. Well, outta nowhere, um, a red Dodge Ram is also coming along the corner, on the same side of the road we were (What's he doing there? ^_-). Well, I quickly went back to the other side while Missa was screaming and her insane sister was cracking up. We went home saying "that's out near-death experience for the day" ^_^. Hence the reason we have a "fear" of Rams...especially red ones. You'll see that being said once or twice in NEXT.

And as for the hotline, we made up a number to make the CL LT's Near-Death Experience Hotline complete. Our official number is 1-800-262-2558.

AHAHAHAHA! So where did you come up with that number?

*grumbles* ..i'll teach you to laugh you little...*ahem* Anyways, yes, there _is_ a story behind the number. The 1-800 needs no explanation. 262 stand for Cute Noses Anonymous (this will be explained later in the FAQ), since 262 has the letters c n a on it. 2558 stands for CL LT, of course.

What the hell are cute noses?

Hehe...it's an inside joke mainly between me and Melanie (who is the creator and illustrator of the TD OAVs), Missa's sister. I guess you'll want the _whole_ story. Well, I'll try to shorten it as much as possible, since it's kinda long ^_^.

Last year there was a show that played every Friday called Wellington Watch (I obviously live in a town called Wellington. No, not in New Zealand). On the show they reviewed what happened during the past week, as well as interviews and some improv-type shows (comedy). Well, during one Wellie Watch, there was a part called Movie Reviews. They made fun of reviews, recommending movies that shouldn't be, and giving 2 thumbs up to the bomb movies. Well, as a "special" part of the show, they interviewd Leonardo DiCaprio. It was _hilarious_.

Leo consisted of a poster of himself with the mouth cut out. It was on TV screen with the interviewer (named Alex) talking to Leo on the screen, sorta via-satellite. Well, the interview started asking him "serious" questions (ie, he kept serious while everyone who was watching laughed). He asked question about his sexual preferences. Now _that_ was funny. "Leo" went on about how he likes to stare at himself for hours and hours in the mirror. Then he started hitting the interviewer, saying things like "would you go out with me" and "you have a cute nose Alex" (just picture Leo talking with a slight lisp ^_-). It was kinda a thing that 'you have to be there', but if you think about it, its pretty damn funny. They were basically making fun of good ol' Leo ^_-. Now you know about Cutes noses and where it came from.

But that's just the origin. How did it become an inside joke?

Good question. One night Melanie was sleeping over. I was in a weird mood, so anyone that came on the TV I complimented if they had a cute nose or not. It went on almost all night. So now Melanie and I compliment each other's cute noses all the time ^_^.

Ahh, ok. But, um, what's up with the Quaker Man? He's a pretty harmless guy...

Death to zee Quaker Man!

Ha! That's what _you_ think! The Quaker Man and references to him are abundant throughout NEXT and the OAVs. To put it bluntly, we hate the Quaker Man.

Um...why _do_ you hate the Quaker Man?

Ok, I guess you want to hear the story behind why Melanie and I hate the Quaker Man.

One day, we were at the Eckerd's near Melanie's house. We were buying root beer (you know, the IBC kind in the beer-looing bottles) for the Ranma 1/2 Drinking Game I was having. Well, all of the sudden, I heard a little scream. I came running to the section where Melanie was and asked what was wrong. She pointed to the Quaker Man on a Quaker Oats box and said she thought he had a cuter nose than she did. I had to constantly since then tell her that her nose is _so_ much cuter than his. But she still doesn't believe me. *sigh* She knows that she has a cuter nose than the Pringles guy (he has no nose), but she is still jealous of the Quaker Man.

Ok, but that still doesn't explain why you guys hate him _so_ much.

Geez....looking into details, aren't we. Well, since then, the Quaker Man haunts us. Ataacking us in public, coming up through toilets, and bothering us during testing. We get rid of him,, but he keeps coming back! But we have ways to get rid of him temporarily. We flush him down the toilet into the Okhotsk Sea in Eastern Russia. We pronounce Okhotsk "ohk-tohk" because we don't really know how to pronounce it, and it's become an inside joke, so we can't change our pronounciaion now ^_^.

It says in TD that the Quaker Man has an accent. I didn't know the Quakers even HAD accents.

Well, the Quakers didn't have accents, but for us, the Quaker Man has an accent. He sounds like he has a Russian/Polish/German/type accent. If he talked, he would sound like this:

"I am zee Quaker Man. Geev me all yoor Cute Noses. I am Quaker Man. I weel destroy...all zee Cute Noses.." Get it? Good!

If you want to hear the Quaker Man, please click on the Quaker Man's picture above (if you haven't already).

What is up with that theme song?

Hehe...ahh, the infamous Talented Duo NEXT theme song. As you should know the seasons of TD are based of the Slayers season's names. So naturally, the tune to the theme song to TD NEXT is to Give A Reason, the Slayers NEXT Opening.

Nono...I mean, those lyrics! That is beyond..I can't even find a word to describe it!

Ahaha...now that I understand you would want an explantion to. I'll start at the beginning, where the lyrics came from. But first, the official TD NEXT Theme Song:

*cue in Give A Reason music* I will do to Shampoo what Osamu did to Yohko. I will suck her boob and finger her and then the grandmother will come crashing down through the roof and put a charm on my head and say "Nandemonai!".

It's all musical up until where the original chorus is supposed to be. That's where these lyrics are to sung. Other than that, it's just intrumental ^_^.

It all started when Missa and Melanie was sleeping over at my house. We were all prepared for bed, talking and listening to the Tenchi Universe CD. Well, I was acting goofy and I started to sing along with one of the songs. I think it was one of Ayeka's songs. Anyways, I was singing the lyrics, then I started to make up my own lyrics. The lines above just came off the top of my head out of nowhere. I barely realized I said them cause I was falling asleep (Missa was already asleep). Melanie started laughing at what I had just sung. Thus was the origin of the TD theme song. These lyrics go along to any anime song (and we have sung almost every anime song we know of using these lyrics and lauging as we sang). But they are now officially the TD NEXT song.

If you have seen Devil Hunter Yohko 1 (I'm sure most of you have) you will understand the lyrics very much. If you haven't, I recommend that you go and see it. It's very good, and the scene described above only happens once. Other than that, there is only nudity when Yohko transforms.

What's with lines like " Let's do it!" and "Jill sandwich..right."?

Heh..well, they are lines from a Resident Evil wav I have that is hilarious. I got it from Jon, and I have no idea where he got it. Its a bunch of lines from Resident Evil put together to make one funny, perverted 2 minute sound wav. I definately recommend you download it and listen to it. I still crack up every time I listen to it. I don't really know what RE is other than it's some sort of game, and I still think its hilarious.

To download it, click here

What's with the name Breanna?

Heh, ok, this is a pretty funny story. Missa's ex boyfriend is named Brian. When he called, we would answer the phone in all sorts of crazy ways, including saying "CL LT's Near-Death Experience Hotline and Home of the Talented Duo, this is [insert a name]. How may I direct your call?" We made up different names and disguised our voices. Well, one time I used the name Breanna for some reason (we forgot why...). But Breanna sounds kinda like Brian.

Anyways, out of Breanna sprung up the story of "Breanniichuan", Spring of Drowned Girl Named Breanna. We forgot the exact story of exactly this came about. Maybe if Brain sees this page, he'll remember. Oh well, so anyways, it was now a joke that when Brian was splashed with cold water, he became a girl named Breanna. I know it had something to do with the fact that I let him borrow my Ranma 1/2 videos, since he had never seen Ranma before (perish the thought!).

Anyways, here's the story of Breanniichuan, as told by the Jusenkyo Guide:

Ah, too bad, you fall in Breanniichuan, Spring of Drowned Girl Named Breanna *holds up sign of Kanji reading "Breanniichuan"*. Very, very tragic tale about girl named Breanna what drowned in spring 6900 year ago! Legend say whoever fall in spring take body of girl named Breanna.

So we use the name Breanna for various things, as you will see.

Ok, so why do you need a barf bag when Missa and Brian are around?

Well, I hate it when people are being all lovey-dovey when I'm all alone, so Melanie and I came up with the idea of using barf bags (like they have on airplanes) when they were around each other, cauing all that sweet-taling and kissing and stuff makes you sick when you are single ^_^.

Along with the barf bag gag is the concept that I liked to over-exaggerate how Missa and Brian talked to each other. Instead of the typical "I love you" yadda yadda yadda, I acted as both of them at the same time (when Brain wasn't there), saying things like "Oh my little sugar corn pop" and "I love you my sweet little mini wheat" (see the cereal theme going here? ^_-). And other comments similar to that. It was all in good fun though. It wasn't meant to insult them or anything. It was just something I thought was amusing at the time ^_^.

Well, that's the FAQ! I hope all of your questions have been answered. If not, please E-mail me!