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2004/03/10: UPDATE! Oh My! How rare those are! For this season, I'm keeping the same format, but I am adding a .txt along with it. You can kind of read the comic if you enlarge it in the webpage, but it's still hard to read. I'm putting up a "script" so you can fully understand what it says. I don't know how to do that fancy thing where you click on a link and a new window pops up, so I suggest, if you want to read and script and the comic at the same time, right click the link to the .txt and Open in New Window. Ta da! Magic! Without fancy html!


Ahh...so you are checking out Season 1? A great place to start! But first, I guess I should explain a bit about Season one to you.

Season one, which has no title other than "Talented Duo", and no theme song, stars Makoto and Minako. Makoto is my Sailormoon alias, and Minako is my best friend's alias. We used these aliases a lot, since this was before we knew a lot of other anime (well, we knew some, but not _nearly_ as much as we know now).

There are only 7 episodes in season one. This is because Talented Duo was started towards the end of the year, and so there wasn't as much time to make a lot of episodes. Also, season one episodes didn't come out as often as season two does.

My warning: be prepared to laugh. The concept of the Talented Duo is funny in itself, but they episodes are what make it. Be prepared to visit such places as the Playboy mansion and a nudist beach. Have fun! And now, onto the episodes!

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