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Since you're here, I'm assuming that you have made it through Season 1. Congratulations! I hope you enjoyed it!

Now Season 2 should have been mostly explained in the FAQ. It's named after the 2nd season of Slayers: NEXT. It has its own theme song, "I will do to Shampoo what Osamu did to Yohko", going to the beat of "Give A Reason" (hence the midi).

The concept of Talented Duo was heavily influenced by anime, but you can't really see that in Season 1. But it's _definately_ apparent in Season 2. You will see parodies based on everything from Kekko Kamen to Dragonball Z. You may ask what does DBZ have to do w/TD? Well, you'll find out soon enough ^_^. Now, on with Talented Duo NEXT!!

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